The Life Of A Saint – Fill Your Day With Joy

Today is a new day, dear saint! Shake off yesterday, and embrace the new day. All things have been made new. Yes, today you are a new creation in Christ, and you are holy in Him.

When it comes to living a holy life, it is important to just be yourself. Do not try to act super holy or super spiritual. That is only a trap of the enemy to get you to exalt yourself above other saints. Those who act super holy or super spiritual only want to impress others with how holy they are. That is pride, and it is so easy to fall into it. Guard yourself against this trap by just being yourself. That is the path of humility, and that is the true path of holiness which pleases God.

God never intended holiness to be a great burden which you carry on your shoulders, as you trudge through life. He has always intended for holiness to be a great JOY in your life. Holiness is meant to fill you with a great lightness of being, adding a spring to your step as you follow the path that leads to eternal life.

Look at the following words of Jesus, and find that place of rest in Him. He said:

“Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you
rest. Take My yoke upon you, and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly (humble) in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.” Matthew 11:28-30 NKJV.

Please take a few moments to memorize this passage of Scripture, and meditate on every part of it until you are actually absorbed into it –  seeing yourself inside this passage of Scripture!  Then live it out each day of your life, from a place of rest in Christ.

Let me say this to you:  It is so much easier to live a holy life when you know you are holy, and you have found your place of rest in Christ.  No longer will you strive to be holy. Instead, you will know you are holy, and you will want to shake off everything that is unholy from your life, letting it die forever. The truth is that the old man is dead, along with all of its desires. What a wonderful place to abide in every day of your live. You can start today!

Next week we will look at:  The Life Of A Saint – Day three of a 31 day devotional available soon.

You are holy
Steve Smith


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