My Ministry Trip to Quebec and Ottawa

It was a great delight to see my friends, Rev. Bernard and Monique Dufour. I hadn’t seen them in over three years. They were very gracious hosts during my stay in Quebec. They live near Montebello, about an hour east of Ottawa, on the Ottawa River.

The two French churches were actually in Ottawa. It was a wonderful privilege to speak to these congregations of African people from the Congo. French is one of the national languages of their homeland. Both churches are new and still very small, but they have a great vision to reach their community.  They have anointed worship teams and love to worship God. It was a great honor to fellowship with them and get to know their pastors.

On Saturday, at Pastor Aimee Sifa’s church, I spoke on The Ministry of Angels and my friend Monique interpreted. This small congregation met in a community center, while others were listened by telephone from Canada, the United States and France. Pastor Aimee led the worship team. She is a very anointed singer and intercessor.

On Sunday, at Pastor Prospere Babo’s church, I spoke on Your Reward in Heaven and my friend Bernard interpreted. Pastor Prospere has nine very talented children, who are singers and musicians. They did an amazing job of leading worship. Afterward we had dinner in their home. It was a joy to sit down and fellowship with them around the table.

Everyone in both services was already saved, but I prayed for several people, including those who needed healing. One woman was mightily filled with the Holy Spirit and began worshiping God in a heavenly prayer language. She was so thrilled that she didn’t want to stop. A young girl was also filled with the Holy Spirit for the first time.

My friends in Quebec are talking about organizing my next Ministry Trip to Ottawa!

My next major trip this year will be to Cuba in November. I will be joining a small group of people from the Chatham area, including my dear Dutch friend Herman Schinkel. I went with him on my previous trip to Cuba, back in January. He has traveled to and from Cuba for over 25 years. At 80 years old he is still going strong for the Lord. He has a great love for Cuba and the wonderful people there.

Thank you for keeping me in your prayers!

Steve Smith


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